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The Project

The Change Makers Tour is a documentary film project about Cuban social innovations and about current social and economic transformations in that country...

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Why Cuba?

Cuba is one of the last socialist regimes in the world, going to Cuba is to accept the principle that other political and social organization can exist and in the same time questioning our own ideology and thinking on our own system...


Our Team

Flora from Lyon in France, passionate about social entrepreneurship and multiculturalism...


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Agriculture in Cuba

Cuba is widely recognised as a global leader in the adoption of sustainable agriculture and has been lauded for practising organic farming techniques to achieve sustainable development...


Economic Model

Over the last few years, President Raúl Castro has been slowly liberalizing Cuba’s socialist economy. The government has begun allowing small, private businesses to operate on the island...

Système éducationnel

Education system

Cuba’s education system is one of its most resounding achievements. Before the 1959 revolution, 60% of the Cuban population was considered semi-illiterate....


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We did it! 105%!

Thanks to you, we did it! In fact we gathered even more funds than we expected: €3,260 and that means 105%! Bellow a list of our 94 supporters:

Abonnel Thibaud ○ Aboulfaraj Maya ○ Amsler Adélaïde ○ Bally Jacqueline ○ Barutti Flavio ○ Batory Teresa ○ Bernard Olivier ○ Bertin Eléa ○ Blanc Pauline ○ Bonin Marie ○ Boursat Joelle ○ Brault Léo ○ Bruno Elise ○ Buckley Ellen ○ Caravanpass Jayzu ○ Cetra Tomasz ○ Chagnaud Clément ○ Courtel Florian ○ Couture Sylvain ○ Dandrieux Gaëlle ○ Db Victoria ○ De Dinechin Marie ○ Debray Genevieve ○ Delattre Alexis ○ Demongeot Nicolas ○ Domagalska Agnieszka ○ Donat Stephane ○ Dowino Scop ○ Duguy Helene ○ Edelweis Kenneth ○ Faure Rémi ○ Fuller Glen ○ Gaidon Caroline ○ Gilliot Clément ○ Grille Manon ○ Guillaume Thierry ○ Hadryś Aleksander ○ Hdg Aurélie ○ Jahn Arnaud ○ Jankowska Halina ○ Jérôme Julie ○ Klubowicz Maja ○ Kneipp Anthony ○ Kneipp Catherine ○ Kneipp Luke ○ Kneipp Michael ○ Kneipp Patrick ○ Krzysztof Gałańczuk ○ Lamegarubia Mélanie ○ Lavauzelle Catherine ○ Leclerc Bruno ○ Lemmel Laura ○ Lunven Soizic ○ Ma Wenxin ○ Magnan Catherine Noëlle ○ Magnan Cecile ○ Małkiński Sebastian ○ Marron Cécilia ○ Marron Donat Chantal ○ Marron Maryse ○ Marron Rosita ○ Martinez Davinia ○ Monj Maxence ○ Noor Alexia ○ Panasiuk Kaha ○ Pasek Piotr ○ Peillon Anne ○ Petey Apolline ○ Poirier Julia ○ Robinet Benjamin ○ Roch Bruce ○ Scaringella Marine ○ Schütz Josef ○ Simon Clémence ○ Simonet Hélène ○ Souarès Alizé ○ Tardyferon Lucie ○ Tarnachowicz Tomasz ○ Tate Gaylor ○ Tatéossian Valérie ○ Tremeau Camille ○ Vidal Alain ○ Vidal Arnaud ○ Vidal Claude ○ Vrignaud Bob ○ Walentynowicz Karol ○ Walker Geno ○ Właziński Mariusz ○ Wolff Julia ○ Woźniak Maria ○ Wyrwas Aleksandra ○ Zanetti Viviane ○ Zouaoui Kenza ○ Zouille Ded


Thank you all very much for your help!


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